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UK rockers Arctic Monkeys have released a new track ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ which can be found on iTunes. A new album is expected to be released sometime this year. Let’s hope that means a North American tour to go along with it!

Check out the single below:


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Hamilton rockers, Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band, have recently released a video for their single ‘Rise the Falling Sun’. Check it out above, and if you like what you hear you can download the track below:

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It’s Halloween weekend, so I thought it would be fitting to introduce a band that’s (literally) out of this world. Infinite I are an alternative, experimental, rock band from the Cold Dessert on Protus 6 (*cough* Toronto/Hamilton *end cough*).

Their story summed up (to the best of my ability): Miki Traczyk (vocalist. keyboard, guitar) found himself in another dimension, one believed to be the dimension before death. In this dimension he stumbled upon a crash site where he met Mercury (Bass, Vocals). The two decided to travel together where they then came across Scripter (Guitar, Other SFX) who’s job was it to take them to the afterlife. They refused, and for some reason, the three of them became companions. Wandering the desserts of Protus 6 they met The Jackal (Vocals, Guitar) and The Gateway (Percussion) somehow appeared. The crusade now exists within the infinite. Pretty straight forward, right?

Now, they’re giving away their new single ‘The White Snake? The Iguana’ teamed up with their track ‘Third Eye’ for free on the world wide web. The tracks are unique and out of this world. ‘The White Snake? The Iguana’ is experimental and has mellow, light, dream like sounds on top of a chopped up drum beat and ‘Third Eye’ is heavier with a marching bass line and catchy hooks.

In the real world, Infinite I comprise of a total of 38 artists that combine to create music, costumes, stories and artwork from Southern Ontario, Canada. They bring together the theatrical magic of early Bowie, with a rolling sound of modern alternative music acts (I personally get a Tool vibe from them). Download their tracks below and check them out if you’re interested.

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When you first hear the band name ‘Wildlife’ and once you hear their powerpop/rock/folk, with a pinch of punk, style you wouldn’t expect the band to be made up of five friends from Toronto, Ontario. You’d fully expect a bunch of dude’s from some random small town in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, this has helped differentiate them in the vast Toronto Music Scene.

They’ve got their foot in the door with their energetic live show and now they’re breaking themselves into the music world with their full-length debut, Strike Hard, Young Diamond, which will be released July 13th, 2010 via Easy Tiger Records!!!

Listening to the CD each song has it’s own person style and stands out on its own. It can be compared to/range from the folky heart-felt stylings of Bon Iver, to the energetic punk of Wolf Parade, to the synth filled hooks of The Killers. It’s all here in only 9 tracks!

The album was recorded in Vibewrangler Studios with Michael Keire and Glen Marshall (Feist, Apostle of Hustle) and will be released to the world at their CD release party at Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on July 13th!

For a sample of what’s to come, here’s some tracks off of Strike Hard, Young Diamond. Click the links below: 

Sea Dreamer By Wildlife

Move To The City By Wildlife

Update/Correction: Wildlife’s album Strike Hard, Young Diamond will now be release Nov 16th, 2010. In other news, they’re also planning a East Coast tour throughout the United States for early next year. Strike hard, young Wildlife, strike hard!

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Making their debut in the Ontario music scene is the indie-folk duo from Burlington/Grimsby, Ontario, Folding Colour. The band  is made up of good friends of mine, David Hearn on guitar, banjo, organ bass, and vocals, and Jill Whitehead on percussion.

Their sound is refreshing compared to the typical heavy metal, cover, and rock bands that are normally produced from Grimsby (who has produced nothing big or mainstream) and Burlington (Finger Eleven, etc…). Although they’re only a duo, they have quite the large sound. Jill keeps the beat with unique, yet simple drums, while Dave plays guitar (or banjo), sings and plays bass…with his feet!

They just recently recorded their debut EP, Green Tree, which is available for free here.

They’re currently booking  shows throughout Hamilton, Toronto, and other parts of Ontario. They’re also planning a mini tour across Canada in June. Expect to hear more from these guys!

Check them out on twitter too @foldingcolour, and don’t forget to download their EP!!! It’s free, you can’t go wrong: foldingcolour.bandcamp.com

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