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It’s hard to keep a blog up to date all by yourself, especially when you’re a busy bee, working full time and attempting to have a personal life. I promised to write some concert reviews, and I’ll keep true to my word. So my Chvrches review will be on its way (a month later). Here’s a picture to hold you over:

Chrvrches @ The Hoxton

Chrvrches @ The Hoxton

I apologize for not being as frequent on this fine blog of mine. I’ll be in Chicago at the end of the month, and I hope to catch at least one concert while I’m there. So hopefully there’ll be a review in the works. Also, I’ll be going to Arctic Monkeys’ Toronto show at the Kool Haus, but that won’t be till September. New material will (eventually) be on its way. I promise!


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It’s almost been a full year since my last post, and I’ve made the executive decision to start writing on this blog again!

Possible reasons why: Too much time on my hands you ask? Nay, if anything, I have less.

Maybe for blogging stardom? Hardly!

Perhaps money? HA! I don’t make a penny (they don’t even have pennies in Canada anymore!)

Real reason: I need to do something creative with myself before my brain oozes out of my ears and I fall into a life of mediocrity.

The story: I started this blog back in College, strictly because I had to, hence the terrible name. After graduating I rose the blog from its ashes and gave it direction; music! Ever since then this blog has been off and on more than one of Kanye West’s relationships! But one thing stayed true, much like Kanye, the music!

Last time I frequently updated this blog I was living near Hamilton, Ontario, and I was actually working in the music scene. I was in my creative peak. Since then, a lot has changed. Life took over and frankly kicked the crap out of me.

What’s changed: I’m now living in Toronto, working full time in a job that’s straying away from my career path. Other than killing time finding new bands (as of late Alt J (∆), Post War Years and Chvrches are among my favourites), the occasional concert and snapping pictures for Instagram (*cough* @LeeC2 *cough*), my creativity has dwindled down to “barely existing”. To be blunt, I’m not happy with where my life has ended up.


What to expect from now on? This ain’t gunna be no daily blog! I’ll probably start off with weekly updates and move from there. I’m going to stick with music, the usual band and album reviews, the odd free song, video premier, music news and concert review. Then as I take on more creative projects I may start sharing more than just music. Maybe some art, videos, who knows!

For those who actually read my blog, all handful of you, I’ll try to keep this up to date and entertaining for you all!

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Over the past Summer I began reading a lot more than usual. I had time on my hands so I figured I’d put it towards good use. I started reading books from George Orwell, and Stephen King.

The first book I finished over the Summer was George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The book was written in 1949 and Orwell paints a vivid picture of what he thought the future would be like in 1984. He didn’t exactly paint a pleasant picture, but sadly some aspects of what Orwell wrote about 60 years ago have come true.

The book follows the life of Winston, as he lives life in a strict world. This world is pretty much a prison. Everyone wears the same clothes, they’re forced to wake up at the same time, they’re forced what to think, what to do, and what to say. They’re not allowed to have ANY sexual or artistic urges. They can’t socialize with anyone, and they’re watched 24/7 by “Big Brother”.

The people in this fictional world are being controlled by a bigger power: Big Brother. If they think outside of the boundaries, they’re punished. If they follow the rules…. nothing happens to them.

Maybe this world isn’t so fictional after-all. 

Now this is where the title of the blog comes into play. Near the end of the book Winston tries to rebel against this way of life, and becomes tortured until he returns back to the brain washed ways of the society. They electrify him until he believes that “2+2=5”.

This is a HUGE statement saying that society tries to form the minds of its people and tries to make them believe in things (like 2+2=5). Think about the media, think about George Bush, and think about the War on…..well…everything.

Here I am now, reading books such as this, and perfectly understanding and agreeing with their messages. And what am I taking….Journalism. I’m learning to be part of the media. I’m learning how to morph the minds of millions. I’m learning how to become a “Big Brother.”

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