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JThe 20/20 Experience Continues… 

Justin Timberlake has released the first song from the second instalment of The 20/20 Experience which is due Sept 30th. The single “Take Back The Night” is very MJ sounding, have a listen for yourself:

The JT Complete Package and The 20/20 Experience Pt 2 of 2 albums are both available for pre-order on his site and iTunes.


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manmanPhiladelphia experimental band Man Man are back at it again with their new album On Oni Pond out September 10th via Anti-. The album is produced by Mike Mogis who has also worked with the likes of Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit and Rilo Kiley.

Check out the lyric video for their new track “Head On” below:

Additional Info: Man Man main man, Honus Honus, has a side project Mister Heavenly. Bandmate from the project Nick Thorburn (from Islands) also has a new album on the way. Check out Islands new album Ski Mask out September 17th.

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bagboyThe pixies release a video for their new track ‘Bagboy’, you can download it for free on their site. It was recorded last October and was produced by Gil Norton. Check out the video below:

Additional info: It was also announced recently that bassist/vocalist Kim Deal has officially left the band.

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UK rockers Arctic Monkeys have released a new track ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ which can be found on iTunes. A new album is expected to be released sometime this year. Let’s hope that means a North American tour to go along with it!

Check out the single below:

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CHVRCHES haven’t even released a full album yet and they’ve already gained a ton of success. The electropop band from Glasglow, Scotland formed in 2011 mainly from other bands. Interestingly enough lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry has a law degree and a Masters in journalism, so thank goodness this band is working out, otherwise I’m sure her parents wouldn’t be too happy with her life decision.

In March 2013, they released Recover EP, and since the release they haven’t looked back. Their full length has a rough release date of September-ish.

If you like what you hear, check out their other songs (I recommend ‘The Mother We Share’ and ‘Lies’) or you can see them on tour, including some dates opening for Depeche Mode.

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On the season finale of Saturday Night Live, the always changing Kanye West debuted a new track ‘Black Skinhead’ and performed ‘New Slaves.’ Both tracks are rumored to be on his new album, supposedly entitled Yeezus out June 18.

update: So, as a Canadian, I can’t legally show any videos of the performance because it’s via NBC, and NBC videos don’t play in Canada. For us Canadians, here’s  ‘New Slaves’ being projected onto the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto:

However, if you’re outside of Canada, you can go ahead an watch it on the NBC website,  click the links to see his performance of Black Skinhead’ and ‘New Slaves’ or watch the full episode.

Review: I suppose to make this post more worthwhile I’ll review Kanye. Perhaps it’s just how Kanye is in real life, but it’s becoming evident the only way he knows how to stay relevant, is to be controversial. His album is supposedly called Yeezus, and the only songs we know off the album so far are entitled ‘New Slaves’ and ‘Black Skinhead’, need I say more?

On the other hand, you have to admire the man! He’s always changing and releasing unique music that keeps the fans and critiques wanting more. You may disagree with him and his tactics, but you have to admit, he’s talented, unique, and his songs are friggin catchy.

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Alicia Keys released a new video for her single ‘New Day’ off her most recent album Girl On Fire. I’m musically diverse, but I’ll admit R&B isn’t exactly my cup o’ tea. I wouldn’t normally post such a video, but a.) I have mad respect for Alicia Keys, and b.) this video was like a like a time portal to the 90’s. It took me back to watching old school music videos in my parents basement.

Let’s hope she was going for a 90’s/old school vibe, otherwise, this video feels outdated before it’s even a day old. Am I the only one that feels this way? Check it out, what do you think?

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