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bagboyThe pixies release a video for their new track ‘Bagboy’, you can download it for free on their site. It was recorded last October and was produced by Gil Norton. Check out the video below:

Additional info: It was also announced recently that bassist/vocalist Kim Deal has officially left the band.


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It’s Halloween weekend, so I thought it would be fitting to introduce a band that’s (literally) out of this world. Infinite I are an alternative, experimental, rock band from the Cold Dessert on Protus 6 (*cough* Toronto/Hamilton *end cough*).

Their story summed up (to the best of my ability): Miki Traczyk (vocalist. keyboard, guitar) found himself in another dimension, one believed to be the dimension before death. In this dimension he stumbled upon a crash site where he met Mercury (Bass, Vocals). The two decided to travel together where they then came across Scripter (Guitar, Other SFX) who’s job was it to take them to the afterlife. They refused, and for some reason, the three of them became companions. Wandering the desserts of Protus 6 they met The Jackal (Vocals, Guitar) and The Gateway (Percussion) somehow appeared. The crusade now exists within the infinite. Pretty straight forward, right?

Now, they’re giving away their new single ‘The White Snake? The Iguana’ teamed up with their track ‘Third Eye’ for free on the world wide web. The tracks are unique and out of this world. ‘The White Snake? The Iguana’ is experimental and has mellow, light, dream like sounds on top of a chopped up drum beat and ‘Third Eye’ is heavier with a marching bass line and catchy hooks.

In the real world, Infinite I comprise of a total of 38 artists that combine to create music, costumes, stories and artwork from Southern Ontario, Canada. They bring together the theatrical magic of early Bowie, with a rolling sound of modern alternative music acts (I personally get a Tool vibe from them). Download their tracks below and check them out if you’re interested.

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The Strokes have fallen off the face of the earth for the last couple of years, so the band members have had extra time on their hands:

Nikolai Fraiture (bassist) has gone on to a side project under the name of Nickel Eye, and has been part of a silent black and white film named ‘a kind of dream’. Guitarist Nick Valensi has started selling some of his photography and the proceeds go to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Fabrizio Moretti (drummer) has joined a band named Little Joy and also has an art gallery. As for vocalist Julian Casablancas, he’s just up to no good I suppose.

But out of them all, the guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. stands out the most for me. Albert has came out with his second solo album, ¿Como Te Llama?,  in July of this year. Albert recorded and produced the songs in 5 weeks in New York with some fellow musicians. 

It’s similar to his work with The Strokes but it’s more mellow, bluesy, and experimental. He mixes genres throughout the CD adding some reggae, blues, alternative, and at times strings and orchestra. If you like what he did with The Strokes I suggest you check out his solo work.


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