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This post will not be music-related. Instead, it will be a rant about something that happened to me earlier today. I tried to shrug it off, but some forms of ignorance and close-minded-ness gets under my skin. Unfortunately, this incident is one of those cases.

I’d like to start off by saying, I have tattoos, and when I wear a t-shirt, they are visible; 3/4 of my tattoos are covered, even in a t-shirt.  I’d like to note that they’re not vulgar, rude, or particularly unpleasant on the eyes. I have roses, birds, and a simplistic, black-outlined, borderline cartoony, piece inspired by the street artist Know Hope.

I was walking to the subway earlier today, and I noticed a middle aged lady staring at me as she walked by, quite obviously in disgust. As she walked past me– and by “past me,” I mean a few steps to my left– she was still in my peripherals and in my full view if I slightly turned my head. She scrunched up her face, shrugged her shoulders, and shook her head as if she had just eaten a cockroach. It was just her and I in that hallway. I had just showered, and besides the tattoos, I’m a very clean and polished man. I may be jumping to conclusions, but I can almost guarantee that it was my tattoos that she was so visibly disgusted by.

I have a full understanding that not everyone likes tattoos, and I respect that; however, in today’s society, and within Toronto — one of the most multi-culural, diverse, and open-minded cities in the world– people should have the decency to keep their opinions and apparent disgust to themselves. She had short, bleach-blonde hair and pastel, outdated fashion (like she stepped out of the 80’s) that I didn’t agree with, but I didn’t make a face as if I ate a lemon because of it. Everyone should respect others’ lifestyles.

What bothers me most is I have very specific reasons for getting the tattoos I have. My most visible one (roses and a heart) I got on the 10-year anniversary of my mother’s passing; she died from a long battle with breast cancer when I was 14. My second tattoo was inspired by a street artist that I would pass everyday on my way to work when I lived in New York City, and now I always associate that artist with my time in New York.

What I’m getting at is, when she scrunched up her face at my tattoos, I took it personally. She was really scrunching up her face at symbols of the most vulnerable time in my life (my own mothers death) and the best time in my life (living abroad in New York). She had no right in judging me just as much as I had no right in judging her poor fashion.

To the lady that shot me a dirty look, I’m not asking you to like my tattoos. Just be more subtle next time.


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The election is finally over, and I feel that the United States has made the right choice. I find it funny though, that information has been leaked to the public about Sarah Palin. This information demonstrated the lack of knowledge, and experience Palin really has, and it’s ironic that this information is brought to our attention after the election.

Not that it makes a difference, because if we knew this information before hand that would just increase the Obama lead even more than it already was. But what if the United States elected McCain into the White House? That would be a kick in the pants for the American people to come across this gold mine after she’s already made it in. 

In case you haven’t heard already, there has been rumors showing that Palin isn’t exactly the brightest bulb when it comes to politics and foreign policy. For example, she didn’t know that Africa was a continent rather than a country all to itself, and she didn’t know what countries were part of North America. Another thing I found quite funny is she agreed to and went through with an interview with the French president, Nicholas Sarkozy. Here’s the kicker, it wasn’t Nicholas Sarkozy, but rather it was a Canadian comedian all along. 

Maybe this is why she hid herself from the media during the McCain campaign. This may just be me, but I think Palin as McCain’s Vise-President was one huge campaign strategy. They probably didn’t even look into her political past, and they probably didn’t even question her intelligence, or experience. McCain’s publicists probably took a look at her and thought, “she’s hot”. It was a tactic to make ol’ McCain look exciting, hip and happening, and to get him in the news. For the most part, it kind of worked.

Not enough to become the President. Nice try though. 

The more I think about the entire McCain campaign the more I think: how stupid do you think we are? This wasn’t a race to become class President in your senior year of high school, this was a race to become the President of the United States in an economically messed-up time.

I think Obama’s campaign was set out to make a difference and actually do good for the American people. McCain, on the other hand, was simply just trying to make in into the White House, then once he was there he was going to figure out what he was going to do.

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I am relieved and happy to have witnessed one of the most historic moments in American history. Barack Hussien Obama is the President of the United States. Obama has won with an astounding 338 electoral votes. 

As I sat, eyes glued to my television set, I watched the finalizing moments that made Obama the official President of the United States. That was when John McCain walked on stage in Arizona to deliver his concession speech. 

McCain’s best speech of his entire campaign was his speech tonight (he had a damn good speech writer). The crowd booed Obama’s name, and yelled such statements as “You’re a better man”, and “We Love You” and McCain sincerely carried on with his speech. For the majority of the speech, John McCain didn’t have that foolish grin glued to his face, he didn’t giggle under his breathe, he didn’t stumble and not once did he say “my friends”.

 Of course nearing the end of the speech the crowd cheered “We want John” and McCain was back to making that hellish grin, and calling the crowd his friends. He babbled on about race and it all went down hill from there. But I’m impressed with John McCain and how honest, and respectable his concession speech truly was.

I thought McCain might have walked up on that stage and start pointing out flaws in Obama’s campaign. I thought he might have babbled  on about how he did such a great job in his own campaign. I thought for sure he would pull out the ol’ Prisoner Of War card, but he didn’t. For the most part McCain delivered an honest and proper speech, without any fumbles and rambling, unfortunately it was his last speech.  

Not that a young guy from Canada’s thoughts really matter, but I wish John McCain the best in his future. He fought long and hard and not once did he give up. Indeed, he had his flaws, and he made several mistakes along the long road to tonight, but for that I give him props. 

A historic night indeed; a night so historic that it left tears in Jesse Jackson’s eyes. 

There is hope for this world, and there is room for change. I can rest my head tonight with peace of mind. Only problem now is, I have nothing to write about in this damn blog. Well Good night America, and Good night world; tomorrow is a new day.

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This is going to be more of a rant than a blog. I forewarn you that this may be controversial, and some parts may be inaccurate. Feel free to correct me, or share your opinion in a polite manner.

One of the requirements to become the President of the United States is that you must be a natural-born American citizen. It’s kind of old news but rumor has it that Barack Obama wasn’t born an American citizen. 

In case you haven’t heard, Obama’s mother is a white woman and his father is a black man from Kenya. In order to be born an American citizen one parent must be a citizen. In Obama’s case his mother was the American citizen.

This is where it gets confusing. Let’s see if I get this right: if only one parent is an American citizen, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least 10 years, and 5 of those years must be above the age of 16.

Blah blah blah, point is people are looking far too much into Obama’s life and apparently his mother wasn’t considered an American citizen at the time of his birth, and neither was his father. Therefore Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen. 

But the American law also states that if you’re born on American soil, you’re an American Citizen. So, Barack Obama is an American citizen. 

Why are we looking so far into Barack Obama’s life? It seems people are destined to destroy Obama’s reputation and candidacy. Mind you I hadn’t been remotely interested in American politics before the Bush years (Clinton being an exception) but I don’t think there’s ever been a candidate that has taken as much scrutiny as Obama.

Why are people judging Obama on where he was born, his religion, his parents, and the colour of his skin? The American people should be looking at his political views, and what he has to offer. If you don’t like his political views, then don’t vote for him. Don’t just vote against him because you think he’s an Arab, or terrorist.

Election day is coming up fast, and I think that the American people need to get their thoughts sorted out. This is the 21st Century, we can’t get stuck up on rumors, stereotypes, race, and religion. This should solely be based on who’s best for the job. 

(Picture: Barack Obama’s Mother and Grandparents, who raised him.)

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I am a proud Canadian who lives within hours of Parliament Hill in Ottawa and I find myself knowing more about American politics than I do my own country’s government. In fact I spent election night for Canada writing a blog about the Presidential Election.

I find myself dumbfounded by American politicians, and dismayed by the American people.

There is a subscription on YouTube called Brave New Films that is dedicated to revealing the truth. This campaign was built to clarify the rumors and blatant lies regarding Obama being a “terrorist”, “Muslim”, and/or “Arab”. These videos have been viewed over 32 million times.

Brave New Films is very anti-McCain/Palin. These videos expose the hatred that McCain and Palin helped pin upon Obama. These mini-documentaries help point out how much McCain has changed within the past 2 years, and how much he contradicts himself.

Every time I watch a debate, or a speech by McCain I see him inching closer and closer to becoming Bush (if not worse). It came down to McCain having to say “I’m not Bush” in the final debate. I think Stephen Colbert said it best when he said “McCain isn’t Bush? McCain has become a new man over the past couple of years. I just figured Bush hollowed him [McCain] out and crawled right in to take control”

Watching these videos honestly sickens and astounds me because the American people can’t see through this propaganda. The way I see it the American people are voluntarily walking into John McCain’s, and Sarah Palin’s web of lies, and hatred.

McCain has spent millions of dollars in his campaign strictly on commercials that are bashing Barack Obama. He has brainwashed these people to full-heartily believe that Obama is a terrorist. In fact, at one of McCains little meet and greets one of his future voters called Obama an “Arab”. McCain responded by taking the microphone away from the women and replied by saying, “No, no, no… Barack is a decent family man.”

In McCain’s defense these videos on Brave New Films are very biased and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve bent the truth in some of them. There are techniques in film making that can make things seem far worse than they really are, and there are ways of taking what people say and warping them into the complete opposite meaning. McCain and his publicists are quite aware of these techniques.

The closer Election Day comes the more frustrated I get. I don’t like being biased, and I try to see both sides of any story, but enough is enough. There is a line, and I think McCain crossed that line, and he’s starting to build a whole new civilization on the other side.

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The 447 Wing is located in Mount Hope, Ontario. It’s one of the last remaining ‘H’ huts from World War II left in Canada and it’s rumored that it will be demolished to make room for a car rental lot. 

Today it still stands and it’s used as a veterans club but not for much longer. Earlier this year some classmates and I spent close to two months gathering information, contacting people, organizing interviews, and the outcome was this mini-documentary.

We were also offered to have the documentary placed on The Hamilton Spectator website. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

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Almost a year ago I wrote a blog regarding the presidential candidates. Admittedly I knew very little on the subject, and I still don’t know a whole lot but I’m back on the subject matter. With such a cluster-fuck how can you avoid the topic?

So lets get the basics down first; we had Hillary Clinton – potential first female president – who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination. She got beat out by Barack Obama – potential first black/white/muslim/terrorist/afghan monkey president – who is now running against John McCain – potential oldest president – in the race to the White House. 

Barack Obama is running his whole campaign on ‘Change’ and it’s about time a presidential candidate is open to new ideas and logical thinking. Obama has major potential and is the exact candidate that the United States needs, but the question is: can the United States handle a drastic change? Are they open-minded enough to welcome this change? 

Obama should be the next president. I’m not physic but I can almost garauntee that America will panic within the last minute and they’ll end up voting John McCain into the White House. If Obama were to make it into the White House there is a likelihood that he would be assassinated by a group of “Obama haters”. If, God forbid, Obama were to be assassinated at least his Vise President Joe Biden has some experience and could do a good job. 

In God We Trust? God forbid there be change.

That would leave us with old Prisoner Of War McCain. He’s running his campaign on ‘Country First’ which isn’t exactly accurate considering McCain has made it this far in life by putting himself first. He prides himself in spending five years as a P.O.W in Vietnam, but the truth is the only reason why the Veitnamese kept him alive is because he spilt the beans.

McCain was born into a privileged life. His Grandfather earned four stars commanding the U.S. force during WWII, and his father reached the same rank commanding the American forces in Vietnam. The McCain we know and love now was known for his short fuse, drinking problem, and crashing planes (not in combat). 

This is the man that will most likely be the next President of the United States. He’ll probably end up croaking within the first year anyway putting Sarah Palin in charge. If we were to have the first female president I’d personally much rather have Hillary Clinton. 

Throw Karl Rove into the mix, a market crash, some mainstream media, a pinch of  Jon Steward and Stephen Colbert, add some Obama comparisons to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and toss it altogether. Whatta got? The 2008 Presidential Election.

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